Friday, March 11, 2011

Sorry for delay

In my last post I didn't put English version. I'm very sorry for that. Now I'd like to tell you what was it about in few words... As probably you saw the pics, you noticed that I have now new sewing machine given to me by Mr.S. who was also very helpful with creating my stencils as you probably remember from my previous post.

After the sewing machines you could see a white toilet paper cover (unlike most people in the world, instead of tissue box I use a white soft toilet paper, as then I can take as big piece as i need ;P). I could nowhere find such cover so I created one myself. It's cover needs to be corrected but I'm satisfied with the result. It is my own project from A to Z. I used here my brand new stencils to create waves on the sides, curl on the bottom and hooks on the top - all of it from one stencil :) quilting it was very 'painful' for me, as partially I had to guess where to sew, as I don't have a quilting foot yet, so I used the standard metal one, which covers the view completely until it's already too late.

Then you had bed cover / higienic pad for kids. It helps to rescue the bed from small accidents during the night. It can be put in the baby crib as well as on normal bed. I made it for my 2-year-old who is so mature that doesn't wear nappies any more :) I'm very proud of her. I spend a lot of time quilting it as it's sewn on every edge of each figure.

Last project I presented last time was a pencil case made of jeans. It was a gift to a boy called Janek. Also name was difficult to make cause of the machine foot but I managed to make it. I'm very satisfied as the zipper looks perfect. It isn't as easy as some people think to sew such zipper in ;P at least for beginners as me. From the relation of boy's father I know that he liked it although it's not easy to match his style what made me feel even better about this project. It's also my project from A to Z. :)

See you tomorrow. I will show you how big progress I made while sewing a shopping bag ;P I was surprised myself. :)

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